What This Is


The Game Campaign is an evidence-based community response to dementia. Dementia is a cluster of more than 70 diseases, with Alzheimer’s the most common form.

Dementia is the sixth most frequent cause of death in the U.S.; locally it affects about 15,000 Pierce County residents, and creates an estimated $600 million in local medical costs each year. 

African Americans are twice as likely as white people to have dementia; Latinos are one and a half times as likely.

At present there is neither a prevention nor a cure for Alzheimer’s. But individuals may compensate for the effects of the disease by drawing on “cognitive reserve,” a sort of savings account for cognitive activities like reasoning and memory. 

Cognitive reserve can be built through mentally stimulating activities, including playing games like bridge and chess. Some research indicates this stimulation can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms by as long as seven years.

The Game Campaign is mobilizing dozens of community partners who in turn will engage thousands of people across Pierce County in Fall, 2017.  We hope the local effort can be as a model for communities across the U.S. and beyond.