Playing games builds stronger brains

rigorous brain Work can delay Alzheimer’s symptoms

for as long as seven years

What This Is

The Game Campaign is an evidence-based response to dementia, a cluster of more than 70 diseases; Alzheimer’s is the most common form. 

In The Game Campaign we'll mobilize thousands of people to play challenging games - backgammon, bridge, chess, Go, and Scrabble(c) - over three months. 

Our goal is to make "brain work" as common as exercise and nutritious eating, so all of us live healthier, more fulfilling ives.


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On Dementia

For centuries Western society thought declining mental ability was a normal part of aging. Now we know this decline isn't universal or automatic; it's the result of dementia, the 6th most common cause of death in the U.S..

In Pierce County more than 15,000 people suffer from dementia; African Americans and Latinos more likely than white people to have the disease.

Dementia causes immense pain for victims and their families and friends. It also drives over $600 million a year in medical costs in Pierce County alone. 



Support the Game

The Game Campaign is free to all participants, and our budget - for public education, supplies, and game coaches - is under $50,000.

We're eligible for tax-deductible contributions through our wonderful fiscal agent, CascadiaNow.

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